3 Superb Tips for Amazon Sellers Sourcing Products

4 Superb Tips for Amazon Sellers Sourcing Products

1. There are Better Deals Online Than Off

You can always clip coupons and head to your closest big box store to get some neat savings, but do you really want to visit stores one at a time, hoping you don’t get seduced by new, shiny products?

No, you want to keep focused, and the online world is where you can do that. Just plug in your searches, narrow things down to exactly what you want, and start sourcing away. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to get amazing deals on larger quantities of products online than in brick-and-mortar stores, giving you a huge advantage for your Amazon store.

2. The Little Details Don’t Matter Anymore

Let’s say you go to a flea market (do they still take place anymore?) and find some neat knick-knacks that’d look good in your Amazon store. Because you’re picking them up in person, you don’t have to worry about paying shipping costs. Great. But how are you going to get them to Amazon? If they’re all different or weird shapes, what boxes are you going to use? Buying online means they already come in boxes, so you can just reuse them without worry.

But let’s say that’s not a worry and you just so happen to have weird-shaped boxes at home. What happens if you package off one of those flea market items and your buyer sends it back because there’s something wrong with it? You’re out the cost of the item (among other costs), but if you source online, then you at least have a shot at recouping your losses and tracing them back.

3. Sample Before Buying in Bulk

One of the most important lessons when it comes to online sourcing is to start small first, with samples. Until you’re well familiar with any product and how it’ll act in the next several weeks and through regular wear-and-tear, don’t commit to buying too much at once.

Imagine you’re selling bed sets and have decided to start off by focusing on sheets. Have you run a set through the wash and ensured that the colors won’t bleed, or the fabric won’t get fuzzy? It’s one thing to spend money on a small number of smalls; it’s quite another to refund all your orders, as well as take a bad rating hit on Amazon. It’s simply about risk assessment and management, and it’s something all the smart seller’s practice.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve got all your ducks in a row, don’t waste another second moving them off your virtual shelves as efficiently as possible. Instead of going into detail about all the ways you can make this happen, starting small is one of the best tip any FBA beginner can get because it gives you room to analyse sales, customers, products movements, Amazon stranded inventory etc. & take time in picking products analyse what categories interest you know everything about the product & category this will help you to think as a customer to make required changes while optimizing listing & Ad campaigns.