eBay Offering Crypto Payment Options

EBay says open to accepting to cryptocurrencies in future, exploring NFTs |  Reuters

eCommerce giant eBay has decided to offer cryptocurrency as a payment option for its 187 million customers. The company has started offering non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This article will tell you more about the topic and help you with a secure and affordable cryptopayment merchant account. 

eBay’s New Payment Options & Cryptopayment Merchant Account 

If you’re an eBay user, you can now buy NFTs on the platform. Before the introduction of NFTs, the eCommerce giant has already reported its interest in crypto payment options. As a result, eBay has become one of the top eCommerce platforms allowing its customers to use NFTs.

A non-fungible token represents a data unit that a digital ledger stores, called a blockchain. This way, digital assets get certified as unique and not interchangeable.

eBay isn’t planning to start this new initiative with all its customers: only with a smaller group of trusted sellers. Then, the company will expand the offering to a larger number of sellers. eBay’s new offering is part of its efforts to enter the digital money market.

With the payments industry undergoing enormous changes and developments, it’s more pivotal than ever to find a reputable payment specialist to work with. 

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eBay Offering Non-Fungible Tokens

As you’ve already read above, eBay now enables its customers to use non-fungible tokens for digital collectibles. These can include trading cards, images, and video clips on its website. 

Sellers can use this new payment option for U.S. dollars, unlike other marketplaces where Ethereum payments are also available to customers. Be aware that the platform won’t offer all categories of NFTs for sale. 

According to eBay spokeswoman, the company is excited about the underlying capabilities and how collectibles based on blockchain technology enable customers to enjoy trust and authenticity, which play a critical role in the digital space. 

Jamie Iannone, eBay CEO, has noted that they were searching for ways to offer payments on their platform, and the company’s focus was on crypto money options. The company’s interest in new payment methods has resulted in allowing sellers to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on eBay.

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