Letters, Jan. 27: ‘We’re in the improper organization for federal support’

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I see exactly where Xi Jinping (head of the Communist Chinese Get together) was gloating about the violent storming of the White Property and stating it was the finish of the unsuccessful variety of governing administration. I guess that the peaceful protests by college learners in Tiananmen Sq., which resulted in the slaughter of 7,000 of their own individuals by the Chinese navy, has escaped his mind. Violent insurrection, six fatalities peaceful protests, 7,000-as well as deaths. Guess which a single performs finest for their citizens?
(Crushing dissent tends to stick out all around the civilized entire world.)

This kind of A FAILURE
Who does the Canadian ambassador to the U.S. believe she is in any case? Go on from Keystone?!?! Kirsten Hillman is an additional Trudeau bobblehead. If she had any common feeling at all, she would have protested the cancellation of the allow to the U.S. governing administration in the strongest diplomatic phrases doable. These are Canadian careers that have been tossed away, currently 1,000 positions have been minimize with much more to arrive. No one particular in Ottawa has any cojones remaining, specially (the PM) or any of his appointed minions. I am a happy Albertan now. I am one particular of the unique creeps and bums but I am ashamed to admit I am a Canadian. Time to critically take into consideration separation from the rest of Canada. Shift on from Keystone? What a joke. Hillman, you are a shame to the rest of Canada, specially Alberta and Western Canada.
(The federal governing administration has unsuccessful Canadians on Keystone and vitality plan in normal. We will pay back for it.)

So Julie Payette is down the royal street and our PM is the undesirable male? What have you been cigarette smoking? Ol’ Teflon Trudeau could be proudly and publicly sexual intercourse-trafficking and however win landslide soon after landslide. No doubt the kerfuffle will poop out by tomorrow and Ms. Tzeporah Berman will be ready in the wings to acquire about Rideau Hall. All slickety-boo as you make sure you.
(The guy can do no wrong, even though he obviously is doing all kinds of mistaken.)