June 3, 2023

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Wine etiquette: 5 tricks for ordering wine when you want to impress

It has been a pleasure to see many local businesses respond to the changing environment and offer an online shopping experience that allows consumers to buy directly from manufacturers and suppliers and ship goods to their doorstep. But do not stop and buy your next bottle from the first online wine marketing website available at online searches. When you are ready to buy from online wine retailers, keep these tips in mind to simplify the process. There are some laws regarding ordering wine online, and we should keep them in mind while ordering. Most wine companies abstract is wine Quality and Consumer delight.

 Some great tips for buying wine online

  1. Calculate delivery costs before you start.

Like any online purchase, you want to spend most of your money on wine and fewer delivery costs. Various online websites deliver bottles freely without delivery charges to enhance the customer experience when they place an order above the minimum set amount.

  1. See the Law and Regulations

This may not be apparent at first, but it is illegal to post wine in all provinces. Almost 90% of citizens want to have wine delivered to them at their doors but liquor laws vary from one state to another. Details are not all cut and dried, either. In some provinces, it is legal for wine to be shipped directly from the wine, but not from a third-party seller.

  1. Discover the reliable Online Wine store

You would not want to buy wine from any website that appears when you search online. You want to look for online wine retailers that sell high-quality wine and take good care of their customers. Try to find an online store that gives you full guarantees for their products, including secure shipping to your door.

  1. Beware of Wine Clubs

While looking for online wine vendors, you can find special offers to join different wine clubs. These are wine buying programs that serve as a subscription service, sending you a few pre-selected wines every one or two months.

  1. Beware of Heat

Summer heat is not a great friend of the wine, and it certainly will not be yours if your wine shipping stays on a delivery truck all day in 95-degree weather. If the local temperature exceeds 80 degrees, you must have a UPS or FedEx to hold shipment to one of their locations (see step four).

Be Home When Arriving, or Plan with Delivery Service:

In most cases that allow for the shipment of wine, the adult must be at home when the goods arrive so that they can sign to receive the package. FedEx and UPS will also not bring wine shipments to a neighbor’s home. If you are not able to be at home when your wine delivery is set to arrive, you can have FedEx or UPS hosting your package at their locations. All you must do is call them by your tracking number.


As you can see, buying wine online is entirely possible. And if you take the appropriate precautionary measures mentioned above, you can do so without inconvenience or cost. And with simple “flash” wine websites, you can save a lot of money while still getting high-quality wine. See the Wine Institute website to learn about the law on the export of alcohol in your province.