Strength Resources Company Sets Globe Record for Superior-Pace, Roll-to-Roll Printing of Conductors on Flexible Glass for Perovskite Solar Panels

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Energy Elements Corporation (EMC), the world leader in the enhancement of superior-velocity roll-to-roll producing of superior-general performance solar power panels, announces that it has designed an enabling process to print transparent conductors as component of the scale-up of its inline manufacturing approach.

Roll-to-roll printing of metal conductors on Corning® Willow® Glass (adaptable glass) at 60 meters for each moment sets a environment speed report for printing flexible electronics on glass. The process surpasses the firm’s target of achieving much less than 5% reduction in the transmission of light while the conductive layer. 

The manufacture of transparent conducting movies, commonly observed in flat panel screens, touchscreens on telephones and tablets, as well as solar panels, is a sophisticated and highly-priced generation phase demanding low resistance electrodes that transmit a massive fraction of incident mild.

“A vital piece of our large-pace, minimal-value product is to print all the layers of our photo voltaic module in one particular ongoing inline method. Standard transparent conductors are made utilizing a superior temperature, vacuum deposition process that is far more than 10 occasions far too sluggish to be integrated into our superior-speed inline system,” said Dr. Tom Tombs, EMC CTO. “Our capability to print high-quality metallic strains at 60 meters for every minute is a critical element that will allow us to reduce the significant-charge of clear conductors, these as ITO, now utilised in solar cells.”&#13

“This combination of product or service efficiency at higher method pace illustrates the profit of utilizing higher-resolution flexography for additive manufacturing. This is an example of Kodak’s commitment to assisting associates develop innovative goods with our special EKTAFLEX practical printing platform, manufacturing infrastructure and technical knowledge,” mentioned Dr. Terry Taber, CTO, Vice President, Eastman Kodak Organization, and Sr. Vice President of Sophisticated Materials & Chemicals.

“Corning®  Willow® Glass provides together the reward of glass substrate for electronic units and the capability of low price tag, superior throughput roll-to-roll processing, enabling the output of this low price perovskite PV merchandise envisioned by EMC,”  mentioned Dr. Dipak Chowdhury, Division Vice President, Corning Included.

Dr. Stephan DeLuca, EMC’s CEO said, “This milestone demonstrates the electrical power of our immediate-pace producing advancement model the combination of components and approach expertise of our exceptional joint enhancement associates, Corning and Kodak, allows EMC to accelerate bringing significant functionality, small-cost perovskite modules to market.”

EMC’s do the job with superior-speed, clear conductor layer printing is partially supported by the U.S. Office of Energy’s Solar Power Systems Workplace (SETO). SETO cash modern cooperative study and development projects that travel down the cost of solar electrical power and increase the effectiveness of solar systems that enrich grid reliability and protection. 

About Strength Resources Corporation
Vitality Materials Company is an American innovator and company establishing high general performance renewable energy merchandise centered on the terawatt scale demanded to underpin the urgent world-wide electrification and decarbonization hard work though performing within the Round Economy design. &#13

EMC is a founding member of the U.S National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s U.S. Manufacturing Progress Perovskite Consortium (U.S. MAP) https://www.united states of

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