June 7, 2023

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What a coinkydink | bleuwater

What a coinkydink | bleuwater

Olive catnapping on the back of the sofa this early morning.

Do you notice coincidences in your everyday lifestyle?

A calendar year back, we experienced a check out from some friends from our aged neighborhood. They questioned “Do you spend a great deal time with Bob and Julie?” Bob and Julie have been a different couple from our Palm Springs existence. They lived a few blocks from us, our young children went to faculty jointly and Julie and I golfed jointly after a week.

“No, why would we see Bob and Julie?” We experienced lost touch when they became a hockey loved ones and we have been immersed in swimming.

The close friends explained “They are living near by.”‘

Now which is a coinkydink as my daughter would say.

My daughter retains having them about a friend who committed suicide in December. He was a big McDonald’s supporter. There are several images of him proudly displaying off a Big Mac. On his birthday, she opened her entrance door to obtain a Huge Mac wrapper on her doormat.

I observed an posting in the Wall Street Journal termed “The Concealed Power of Coincidences — Astonishing concurrent activities can help us achieve conclusions, soothe us in grief and tighten our connections to some others” by Elizabeth Bernstein.

She describes in the write-up that people and scholars have various views about coincidences. Some see them as spiritual, many others see them as entirely random. Many others say it’s our unconscious producing connections.

In any case, some individuals watch coincidences as comforting or incorporating that means to their lives.

Here’s an excerpt:

Dr. Beitman, who founded a nonprofit known as the Coincidence Venture, to really encourage folks to share their stories, has recognized 4 styles of meaningful coincidences. 

1 is serendipity, which is a type of joyful accident, this sort of as when you’re wanting for your keys and you locate the earring you have been looking for. A further is synchronicity, a phrase launched into psychotherapy by psychiatrist Carl Jung, which he described as events that feel meaningfully associated but have no evident causal connection. You’re contemplating of anyone you overlook and their favorite song comes on the radio, for case in point. Seriality is what takes place when you see the same range or symbol over and over once again. And simulpathity is a expression Dr. Beitman coined to describe the practical experience of sensation a loved one’s ache or distress from a length. 

If you’d like to enhance your means to observe coincidences, there are several tactics, says Lisa Miller, a medical psychologist who is founder of the Spirituality Mind System Institute at Academics School, Columbia University: Be open up to them. Create them down. Communicate about them with many others. 

https://www.wsj.com/article content/making-perception-of-coincidences-11665483811?mod=lifestyle_get the job done_lead_pos1

What coincidences have you seen recently? Which category does it tumble into? What are your ideas about coincidences?