With political protests on the rise, flag-makers have a brisk enterprise

KATHMANDU, Dec. 31 — Soon after the government’s final decision to dissolve parliament on 20th December, the frequency of protests in Kathmandu has increased swiftly. With the rise in protests around the cash, flag makers in the inner alleys of Kathmandu are seeking tough to satisfy the requires for flags.

“We are producing the national flags as perfectly as those of several get-togethers as protests are increasing nationwide. On an normal, 1,000 to 1,500 flags are manufactured on a day-to-day basis. I also have been receiving orders from other districts much too. We are getting a truly hectic plan,” Ravi Shah, a flag-maker, advised Republica.

With elections announced for subsequent spring, flag-makers like Shah are anticipating a significant inflow as it is the main time for their organization to work round the clock without having any crack.

“In the 2017 election, I marketed about 1.2 million flags. I assume at least the identical sum for this yr or even better,” Shah explained.

Companies like that of Shah who relies on printing press peak for the duration of the election and at the time of protest with maximize in political temperature. A full of 4 complete-time staffers are now operating the factory to meet the increasing demand from customers for now.

“During elections, we will require about approximately 50 staffers. Increased needs are nonetheless to occur,” Shah exclaimed.

Published by HT Electronic Material Products and services with permission from Republica.